Summer Classes at The Schoolhouse

ACT Boot Camp

This year’s boot camp will span 3 weeks—Monday through Thursday and focus on each section of the ACT test: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Essay. Students will receive instruction in test-taking strategies, review of subject specific knowledge required for the test, and plenty of practice. A comparison of a pre-test and a post-test will show student readiness after the course is complete. Students will be prepared to take their first ACT exam on September 9, 2017. This is a great opportunity for high school juniors to get ahead of the testing rat-race and for seniors to take the ACT one more time before early applications are due in the fall. ($950) Monday, 8/14 – Thursday, 8/31 3:30-9pm (brown bag dinner 6-6:30)


SAT Boot Camp

In response to the awesome news that the SAT will be offered at the end of the summer this year on August 26, 1017, The Schoolhouse is offering a special 3-week boot camp to prepare for this important test. Students will meet Monday through Thursday to review test-taking strategies, explore the reading, grammar, math, and writing portions of the exam, and practice the types of questions that will be encountered during the test. A comparison of a pre-test and a post-test will confirm student readiness for the August test date. This is a great opportunity for high school juniors to get ahead of the testing rat-race and for seniors to take the SAT one more time before early action applications are due in the fall.($950) Monday, 8/7 – Thursday, 8/24 9:30 – 3:00 (brown bag lunch 12-12:30)


College Essay Prep Made Easy!

Dread writing that common app essay? Let us help you brainstorm, plan, write, and polish your essay—all before you go back to school in the fall. These one-on-one sessions can be scheduled at your convenience. A professional well-versed in the college admissions arena will guide you through choosing your topic, crafting a meaningful and revealing self-portrait, and polishing perfect prose with which to win over any admissions office. Don’t wait until you go back to school and deadlines are looming to write this most important essay. Call today for your personal preparation appointment! ($90/$100 per hour)


Back To Basics Math

The topics covered in this two week math exploration are the primary reasons most students seek math help in the first place. Rather than wait, we have condensed them into a program that will refresh and enrich the math experience for high school students. By investigating these topics over the summer, students will be ready to face the new school year with confidence. To be explored: factoring, simplifying radicals, linear equations, exponents, number properties, order of operations, word problems, domain and range, graphing, Area, Circumference, Perimeter, and special right triangles. Scientific calculator required.($250)Monday, 7/24 – Friday, 7/28 9:30-12:00


Trig Primer

For students entering Algebra 2, Algebra 3/Trig, and Pre-Calculus classes in the fall. Trigonometry, the study of triangles, often catches students off-guard, as it requires them to learn a whole new set of rules for solving for the sides and angles of triangles than they have used before. As students advance through to Pre-Calculus, teachers expect them to know the basics of trigonometry in order to further explore the unit circle and reason trigonometry problems. Students will start at the beginning and work their way through basic trig ratios and problems, explore the unit circle and the function of special right triangles, culminating with the introduction to trig identities.TI-84 graphing calculator required.($250) Monday, 7/31 – Friday, 8/4 9:30-12:00


Private School Test Prep

Thinking about private school for your child? The local day schools begin their admission process in the fall, and that means students need to prepare early for admissions testing. Although the schools all have their favorite tests, we are prepared to work with your student and get them ready to take one, two, or all three. However, time is of the essence. To create as stress-free a process as possible, students should begin practicing for their admissions tests in the summer, submit their applications as early as possible in the fall, and guarantee a spot for a visit day and interview. The staff at The Schoolhouse not only can assist with test prep, but also with application essays and interview skills. Call now to arrange your one-on-one private school admissions prep with The Schoolhouse starting this summer! ($90/$100 per hour)


Create Your Own Book Club

Wish you and your friends could read the same book at the same time? Do you all have to read a certain book over the summer for school? Like to talk about the books you read, while you read them? This book club opportunity is for you. Gather up to 4 friends and choose a book. Then schedule your week to read the book with your group at The Schoolhouse under the guidance of an English teacher. Discuss theme, pick out vocabulary, talk about tone, imagery, onomatopoeia, and other literary devices that emerge from the special book you picked. Record your exploration in a colorful journal and take these great notes with you to class on the first day and use them to write that first essay at school. Students in the book club should be of similar age and grade. Recommended for students in grades 3 and up.  Club sessions are one week long—Monday through Friday for two hours each day. You pick the week, the time, and the book. We provide the experienced professional, the journal, and snacks! Call today to reserve your spot. Monday – Thursday for 2 hours per day for one week per book.($75 per student)