How is Academic Coaching different from a tutoring service?

A tutoring service focuses on remediation and re-teaching of content for specific subjects. Most tutors specialize in one area; they provide homework help and guidance only for immediate academic problems.

An Academic Coach observes a student’s strategy and technique and suggests ways to improve his or her education experience. A coach provides encouragement as students apply new ways of learning and thinking. One-on-one sessions are a great opportunity to fine-tune educational ideas.

Coaches build confidence, motivation, and self reliance. Coaches work with individualized methods and study strategies designed for each student’s needs and style. Students then learn to work smarter, improve their skills, and apply these new skills in the classroom.

There is no quick road to success. The Schoolhouse measures results based on student’s growing feelings of success, motivation, and confidence. These feelings are often (but not always) followed by improved grades and teacher comments.

Long ingrained habits can take time to overturn. The speed at which students move forward often depends on their investment in the process. It is the goal of the coach to ensure that the students see value in their increased effort.

Our Mission:

The Schoolhouse strives to provide support for each student, regardless of learning abilities, for the purpose of improving the student’s academic standing, enriching his and her learning experience, and providing an overall feeling of academic accomplishment.


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