Team 6: Music and the Brain

Team 6: Music and the Brain

Coaches: Keller & Schwartz

Date: August 16, 17 & 18

Times: 9:45-11:45am

Music is such a big part of everyone’s lives, especially when we want to relax or have fun. In this series students discover how music plays a role in their learning, including reading, writing, memory, and retention.

Tuesday: Classical music and reading

On the first class of the week, students will see how their reading comprehension is affected by music. They will participate in brief “experiments” to see how they retain the material they are reading with and without different types of music, especially classical music.

Wednesday: Music and memory

Students’ memory is put to the test during class two with music and writing. Students will be asked to listen to different styles of music, and write a memory they think of while they listen.

Thursday: The Singing Bee

During the last class of the week, student will participate in the game of The Singing Bee! In the game, players need to figure out the lyrics to songs played, putting their memory to the test.