Team 5: Memory

Team 5: Memory

Coach: Schwartz

Date: August 9, 10, & 11

Times: 9:45 – 11:45am

Each student remembers information in different ways. During week five, students will discover their best technique in memory retention; visual, auditory, and language memory.

Tuesday: Simon & Rubix Cube

During class one, students will play the classic memory games of Simon and the Rubix Cube. Each game requires skill in both visual and auditory memory.

Wednesday: Tangram & Tangram Memory

During class two, students put their spacial skills to the test in the game of Tangram. Students are given seven shapes, a board, and a card depicting a shape to recreate on their board. Each player needs to use spacial skills in order to put together the same shape on the board that is on the card without overlapping. In Tangram Memory, students are given cards to remember and match each tangram.

Thursday: Clue

On the final class of the week, students will return to the classics to play Clue. In this memory game, students will need to again use their skills in deduction and memory as they figure out who the killer is.