Team 4: Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

Coach: Schwartz

Date: August 2, 3, &4

Times: 9:45-11:45am

Finding a solution to a problem can span far beyond math and reading, it can be used throughout school, in social situations, and on the job. During week four, students put their brains to the test to figure out creative solutions to multi-faceted questions and discover that research can be fun!

Tuesday: Riddles & brain teasers

On the first class of the week, students will stretch their brains to think of one answer for each riddle and brain teaser. This type of learning initiates convergent thinking, or figuring out problems with one solution.

Wednesday: Blokus

Students test their problem solving and spacial skills during class two with the game of Blokus. Each player has a certain number of tiles to play on the game board and must be able to see ahead and use the space correctly on the board to win.

Thursday: Hedbanz game

On the final class of the week, students learn that research can be fun! Students will show off their problem solving, critical thinking, and research skills with the game of Hedbanz. In this game, players must guess what the card on their forehead says by using methods of deduction, creative questions, and memory.