Team 1: Concentration

Team 1: Concentration

Coaches: Keller & Schwartz

Date: July 12, 13 & 14

Times: 9:45-11:45am

Concentration is one of the best tools a student can have in the classroom, and in the age of iPhones and videogames, it’s sometimes hard to come by. During week one, students will practice staying focused on alternative methods of concentration with classic games.

Tuesday: Balderdash

The first class of concentration begins with the game Balderdash. This bluffing game will help students strategize their answers, and focus on which answer is real or fake with a vote.

Wednesday: Scrabble & Boggle

Class two will focus on spelling, basic math, and definition skills with the classic games of Scrabble and Boggle. Students will depend on their knowledge of vocabulary in these timed games, and also rely on their instincts to discover new words while under the pressure of the timer.

Thursday: Stratego

The concentration week builds up to a challenging game of focus, skill, and strategy; Stratego. This game will dare students to assemble an army and send them out to battle equipped with a week’s worth of concentration, focus, and skill!